"[My] life is more than good enough...  Maybe in a different life."

Isn't that interesting?

As if I had more than one.

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle


All the love I send out comes back to me.


Life is pure, sacred, perfect. It is what we protect in our pets, our plants, our children. "Life".  And you are but an expression of life. So yes, you deserve to heal and you deserve to be here and you deserve to be happy.

- M. Bones


I am worthy of pursuing anything and everything that brings me joy.


We all have skeletons in the closet, no one is an exception, and your mistakes are not unique.  Let it bring you hope and peace that you are not uniquely "messed up" but beautifully and complexly HUMAN.

- M. Bones


Start strong.  Finish stronger.


Unremarkable people don't worry about being "unremarkable".

- Unknown


"You are not gifted a vision for your life without the ability to achieve it."

Kacia Fitzgerald


"I am not falling behind or running late."

Lyrics from 'Wait For It' from "Hamilton"
Written by Lin Manuel Miranda